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Valley Fever Epidemic

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Valley Fever Epidemic is the First and Only comprehensive, complete, and up-to-date book written for the lay person on the subject of coccidioidomycosis, commonly known as Valley Fever.

It is easy to read and understand and features detailed in-depth information on the disease's symptoms, diagnosis, testing, drugs and treatment, risk factors, and more. This book also includes maps and statistics, frequently asked questions, what you need to know before you see a doctor, how to help boost your immune system, and stories that people with Valley Fever sent to the authors at The chapter on how Valley Fever affects animals contains stories from pet owners as well.

The first edition of this book has a bonus medical glossary of over 465 words with definitions that translate all the technical medical jargon into plain English. Although this book has been written for the lay person, even medical professionals will find it enlightening. It is backed by hundreds of medical journal citations and has been reviewed by several eminent Valley Fever doctors and other professionals.

If you have ever lived in, visited or passed through Arizona, California, Nevada, Texas, New Mexico, Utah, Mexico or other risk areas, the detailed information provided in this book is especially important for you to know. If you are a resident or are considering moving to any of the states where this fungus lives and thrives, it is vital that you learn what to do if you contract Valley Fever. The knowledge you gain from Valley Fever Epidemic may save you or a loved one from unnecessary suffering.

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Reviews From Medical Doctors

"The authors have filled a need for a detailed understanding of San Joaquin Valley Fever (Coccidioidomycosis)...This volume is complete, up to date and accurate in describing this illness..."
Hans Einstein, MD, FACP
World's Foremost Valley Fever Expert and Treatment Pioneer
Bakersfield, California

"The section 'Helpful Hints for Your Doctor Visits' would be good reading for any patient, no matter what their problems."
Steven L. Oscherwitz, MD
Diplomate, American Board of Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases
Tempe, Arizona

"Thank you for the opportunity to read and review your book titled 'Valley Fever Epidemic'. My thoughts: Fills a need, Well written."
Royce H. Johnson, MD, FACP
Chief of Infectious Disease and Director of Research at Kern Medical Center
Bakersfield, California

"This is a valuable, well researched book and I would highly recommend it for patients, their family members, endemic area residents, and tourists."
Dr. Craig M. Rundbaken, DO, FCCP, FACOI
Pulmonary/Valley Fever Clinic
Sun City West, Arizona

"Immaculately researched and presented in language accessible to the lay reader with a dedicated glossary to facilitate understanding of medical literature."
Dr Srijita Sen-Chowdhry MA, MBBS, MRCP, MD (Cantab.)
London, United Kingdom

Highlights of Valley Fever Epidemic Reviews From Other Professionals

"This is a disease that many would just as soon sweep under the rug-you've laid the dust out where all can see!"
Sandra Larson
Executive Director, Valley Fever Americas Foundation and the Valley Fever Vaccine Project of the Americas: A Rotary District 5240 Project

"A particularly appealing section of the book is devoted to personal accounts of individuals who survived infection with the Valley Fever pathogen. Many of these stories will be an inspiration to victims of the disease."
Garry T. Cole, PhD
Professor of Biology
Margaret Batts Tobin Endowed Chair
Department of Biology, University of Texas at San Antonio
World Leading Valley Fever Vaccine Researcher

"I am overwhelmed and thrilled that someone has FINALLY written a book about Valley Fever...I found the book to be extremely enlightening, easy to read and easy to understand. More importantly, this book has vindicated me and many others afflicted with Coccidioidomycosis...Had this book been available when I was first diagnosed, it would not have taken me over a year, and several doctors, and many tests, to finally find the right doctor."
Honey De Serre, Editor, The Bugler & The Sentinel
Publications of the Jewish War Veterans (JWV) of the USA

Customer Reviews

"Finally, A book that will help everyone who breathes the air and needs to understand what even the healthy person needs to be aware of. But also for the unaware doctors and survivors of Valley Fever. What everyone needs to know. I am a five year survivor of Valley Fever. But dealing with doctors and specialists who are not knowledgeable enough on this horrible disease, has made me feel like I am the only one with vf. To this day, I still suffer from symptoms that debilitate my life. I am so grateful to have found the book Valley Fever Epidemic. I feel as though it has in a way saved my life. All my questions are answered in this book. I have a clear understanding of the disease now, and I now feel confident that I can go to my doctor and be my own advocate. The material covered in this book clearly indicates the most updated truth and facts of valley fever. I am so thankful that David Filip and Sharon Filip including the doctors and survivors, whom put so much time and effort into this book, have such caring and passion for the truth and facts to be told to every person that shares in breathing the air. Thank you for helping in saving my life."
Joyce Erdman (survivor), California

"Most doctors don't understand valley fever. States, cities and local governments in the endemic areas don't want to understand valley fever. Residents and visitors to endemic areas rarely understand the risks, symptoms, prognoses and treatments associated with valley fever. This debilitating and potentially deadly condition generates more questions than answers but finally there is a resource available to help valley fever sufferers and their families navigate through the maze of myths and misinformation that make this awful condition even worse to deal with. As someone afflicted with valley fever, I am grateful to Sharon and David Filip for their passion in researching and writing this masterful reference guide. They have created a tremendous resource filled with impeccably researched data and personal accounts of survivors of this poorly understood disease. Their total commitment for the advocacy of public awareness and government funding for a vaccine or cure adds even greater value to this book. I highly recommend it as a must-read for valley fever sufferers, their families, residents and those who might plan to visit endemic areas, medical practitioners and government officials who have an interest in facing the truth about valley fever."
WM, Scottsdale, AZ

"ALL Pregnant Women Should Read This INCREDIBLE Book!   I was in my 3rd trimester of pregnancy when I moved from Massachusetts to Arizona in October 1999. Little did I know that I was at risk for contracting Valley Fever. After living in Arizona for only 1 month, I was faced with the horrible symptoms described so clearly in this incredible book. My new Ob/Gyn in Arizona was aware of Valley Fever and immediately had me tested and treated. Thankfully, my baby was born healthy! Unfortunately, I have been suffering with Valley Fever ever since. I WISH THIS BOOK WAS AVAILABLE 9 YEARS AGO AND MY DOCTOR IN MASSACHUSETTS WAS KNOWLEDGEABLE ABOUT VALLEY FEVER.....I NEVER WOULD HAVE MOVED TO ARIZONA!!!! This book is a MUST for ALL doctors AND pregnant women, especially those who live and/or visit an epidemic area!!!"
Maria Nordstrom, Kansas

"This is an incredible work! I have just started thumbing through it and realized it must be shared. I want to get a copy of this to my dog agility trainer. I think every dog club that does any traveling should have a copy of this book in their libraries."
Sheila Danish, Nevada

"Good book! Essential reading for anyone with friends or relatives living in the endemic areas."
Janice Arenofsky, Valley Fever Alliance, Arizona

"A Fantastic Book Everyone Should Read!!   Valley FeverÖ.do you have valley fever? Do you know what valley fever is? Did you know a tiny cocci spore could travel 500 miles and that there are 15 trillion cocci spores in one cubic inch? Did you know that you contract this disease just by breathing in Arizona, California, Texas, Nevada and other desert regions of the USA? Valley fever usually starts in your lungs and can attack you further by disseminating throughout other parts of your body and can become fatal. I am a valley fever survivor. Not everyone can say that who gets valley fever. Did you know that valley fever could change your life forever from one tiny spore? It did mine. I contracted valley fever in 2003 and have not felt the same since. The above information is only a microscopic piece of knowledge this book contains. David and Sharon Filip have done an outstanding job in providing such incredible amounts of information through their hard, persistent, and ongoing research on this deadly disease called valley fever. This book not only shows such an abundance of information but also is written in laymanís terms. Itís a book that contains answers to most questions you can think of and more. It has a glossary that can help you understand what your medical reports are saying. There is no other book of this kind written. I highly recommend this book to anyone who lives in the southwest, has visited the southwest, plan to visit the southwest, drive through or change planes in the southwest or just breathes."
Linda Evins, RN, Arizona

"Valley Fever, a deadly disease which can be caught easily, is almost unknown to people living in the endemic area, the Southwest! As a result, diagnosis is inconsistent, and medical care is worse. As a survivor, I was thrilled to learn of this book. My doctors, although well meaning, gave me little information about the disease, perhaps because they know little about it themselves. I am a firm believer in patients advocating for themselves and this book is a tool to help one do so. However, I don't think people ought to wait until they have VF to buy the book. I believe everyone in the Southwest should know about it and be prepared to ask their medical advisors to test for it should they have unusual symptoms which do not clear up with conventional therapy. It can affect both humans and pets, and the results can be devastating. Delays in diagnosis and treatment can cause problems which last a life time. For you and your family's sake, buy and read this book."
Uma, Corona, CA

"Valley Fever Epidemic is 'just what the doctor ordered' and most doctors could learn something from reading it. It answers so many questions regarding the multitude of symptoms that VF victims can suffer from. The drugs and treatment section can be very helpful for finding prescription assistance for those who can't afford their medication. The personal stories will help others realize the devastating impact that VF can have on victims and their families. My brother lost his life to this disease. He did not fall into any of the high risk groups. It CAN happen to anyone! To be informed about Valley Fever, this book is a must read."
Kathy A. Terrell, Oregon

"The ONLY authoritative discussion of this disease. MUST READ ... 'Valley Fever Epidemic' is the only book on this disease out there of any substance. It contains real information and more importantly, it's CURRENT information. The facts and info in the book are well researched and written in language that every one should be able to understand, digest and remember. I have spent two years educating doctor after doctor and multiple veterinarians about Cocci - from symptoms to what titer numbers to look out for, and suggested treatment plans from other doctors familiar with Valley Fever. FINALLY there is a single book that I can pass out and share with family, friends who don't have a clue why I feel like dirt 20 days out of 30, medical providers, and pharmacists who always think the length of the prescriptions are 6 months too long and must be a typo!"

"Thank you for writing this book. You've done a great thing for mankind. I recently read Valley Fever Epidemic by David and Sharon Filip. What a wonderful book and so long overdue. Valley Fever Epidemic is written so that everyone can understand it, and it includes an in-depth glossary of medical terms for your convenience. This book is the most complete, comprehensive and up-to-date book written on Valley Fever. Valley Fever Epidemic is a must read for anyone who lives in the Southwest or is planning to move or visit the Southwest. I even purchased a book for my internist, so that he is better informed about this incurable illness. If you only buy one book this year, make sure you buy Valley Fever Epidemic."
Patricia White, Arizona

"This book is the only book on the subject of the horrific disease of Coccidioidomycosis, or 'Valley Fever' and it is an extremely well-written book. It presents a wealth of information in an easy to understand language, and it is very comprehensive. The authors provide much detail on the history of the disease, the life-cycle of the coccidioides fungi as researched by medical scientists, the symptoms of the disease, and comparisons to other diseases with similar symptoms. One of the most helpful chapters to me is the one that describes all the different tests - blood and cerebrospinal fluid tests, titers, X-rays and MRIs, biopsies and bronchoscopies and other procedures used for diagnosis and follow-up. Equally helpful are all the real-person life stories of people who have suffered from this disease. Their stories are heart-breaking and inspirational all at the same time. The chapters explaining different drugs and treatments is very informative and helpful. Because this disease is so misunderstood and misdiagnosed, this book will be extremely helpful to patients and their families.   Thank you for doing such a fantastic job on this book, and I know it will be extremely helpful to many (unfortunate) folks who come down with the disease. I would like to make sure that my doctors get a copy -- family md, pulmonologist, and infectious diseases md."
Rebecca Kay, Nevada

"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge...." ~ Hos. 4:6 NKJV
"I am the wife of a VF survivor. My husband was diagnosed with cocci-meningitis in 2004. We almost lost him --
I thank God for Sharon and David Filip. This dynamic duo live a purposeful life; they are a living testimony of what "voice for action" really means. Words have power; knowledge is power. I have yet to find another complete and well researched book as Valley Fever Epidemic. God bless your labor of love. This book must be read by all, shared with all. If you have access to the masses, use your voice for action. I have personally given a copy to our local newspaper reporter. What can you do to save a life? Equip your fellow neighbor with knowledge, lest he perish for the lack thereof. It's time to take action!"
Araceli Jimenez, California

"A MUST READ BOOK!   If you suffer from Valley Fever or, especially, if you are a friend or loved one of a VF victim, you must read Sharon and David Filip's book. VF is a very puzzling illness to the victims, families and even the doctors who treat it. This is the first book of its' kind. It clearly explains how devastating VF can be, how it is an incurable disease, what the symptoms are and how to recognize them, what treatments are available and how to emotionally manage your illness. I have been a Valley Fever sufferer for almost a year and I can tell you firsthand how tough it's been. In the initial stages, I was quite ill, but have settled into a more chronic stage of debilitating fatigue and joint pain. One of the hardest things has been to try to explain to people why I am not better yet. Sharon and David's book lays it all out. I highly recommend it to friends and family who want to understand and be supportive. I am an RN and had considered myself to be pretty savvy about VF. But, after reading this book, I feel incredibly enlightened and empowered to deal with my illness and to be compassionate to my fellow VF sufferers."
Nancy Nye, RN and Life Coach, Arizona

"Remarkable Book. I work for a Pulmonologist who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of Valley Fever. We see first hand how this disease effects patients and their families. I have read Valley Fever Epidemic and would recommend it to anyone with Valley Fever or knows someone with this debilitating disease. It is an excellent source of information and helps with understanding this "coccidioidomycosis" fungus that can create such havoc on a persons health. Sharon and David Filip have done a remarkable job writing this book."
Judy Foskett, Manager/A.I.R.MED & Valley Fever Clinic, Sun City West, Arizona

"LONG OVERDUE AND NEEDED BOOK   Valley Fever Epidemic is very informative about this disease. Most doctors do not know what Valley Fever is or how to treat it and the lingering after affects it produces for your WHOLE LIFETIME. By being informed with the research in this book you can manage your condition and realize symptoms you have are definitely related to contracting Valley Fever. Knowledge is power-- and this book gives you the knowledge about a disease that is swept under the table by the states where it is prevalent. A MUST READ FOR ANYONE WHO HAS LINGERING SYMPTOMS THAT CAN'T BE DIAGNOSED OR CURED -- AS YOU MAY HAVE VALLEY FEVER AND NOT KNOW IT!!!! (Especially read before you travel out West.)"
Carol Carrone, the mother of a VF survivor, Louisiana

"Inmates and staff at Pleasant Valley State Prison need this book. I am a former prison chaplain who worked at Pleasant Valley State Prison (PVSP) outside of Coalinga, California (which is about 60 miles SE of Fresno) in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley. I worked at PVSP from 2002-2005, and got out just before an epidemic of VF cases hit the prison. The epidemic has been attributed to the construction of Coalinga State Hospital, which was built nearby. I recently sent a copy of THE VALLEY FEVER EPIDEMIC to an inmate with whom I have been corresponding. He has a very serious case of VF and many other inmates do too. They are finding the book to be extremely helpful, because prison doctors are telling inmates with VF that the symptoms they are complaining about, such as rashes, are due to an allergic reaction to peanut butter, milk, or to a certain type of soap. Or they are being told they have the flu.
Due to medical staff ignorance or incompetency (some would suggest corruption in an attempt to delay the expense of VF medication for as long as possible), it is not uncommon for inmates to suffer for more than a year before an accurate diagnosis is made. Both staff and inmates are coming down with this dreaded disease, and some are dying. All are in need of accurate information, which this book provides. It is my hope that more friends and family members of inmates, as well as correctional staff, in endemic regions of Southwestern states will discover this book and purchase it for their loved ones. The inmate I sent a copy to has other inmates and even correctional staff asking him about the book. In fact, he now seems to know more about VF than many of the medical staff."
Gary O. Egeberg

"I am very impressed by the quality of material you have been able to gather and put into this book. I believe this information will be used for decades to come. This book needs to be included on the Welcome to Arizona website, so everyone thinking about coming to Arizona and surrounding areas knows what they are coming in to."
Shara Blake, Arizona

"Highly recommended reading - for those who reside in or visit the Southwest United States, the natural habitat of the cocci organism. This small, easily read book is an excellent resource for understanding the impact of this disease on the infected individual as well as their family and friends as well as the risks for contracting Valley Fever. In addition to self-care, readers will know they can do something in the work of treating infections from this government regulated biological agent."
Barbara J. Crummitt, RNBC, BS, MA, Arizona

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