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1)   If you heard of Valley Fever BEFORE you or someone you know had contracted it, which of the following did you know?
The fungus lives in the soil of endemic regions.
It is a fungus that becomes a parasite in the body.
The disease is primarily contracted by inhaling airborne spores.
The antifungal medication used to treat Valley Fever does not cure this disease and can have serious side
      effects. It helps in under 70% of the cases when it is administered.
Valley Fever can cause joint pain, bone destruction, and damage in virtually any part of the body.
Even after an asymptomatic or mild case, Valley Fever can activate at any time to debilitate or kill
      an infected person.
It is incurable and can dramatically reduce the quality of life in those it infects.
It is regulated in two antiterrorism laws as a biological weapon.
I did not know any of the facts above until I or a friend was infected or until I read this web site.
2)   How long did it take for a physician to accurately diagnose your Valley Fever infection? Please pick the time frame that most closely matches.
Never diagnosed
A few days to 2 weeks
2-4 weeks
2-4 months
4-6 months
1 year
Longer than one year
3)   Who do you hold responsible for your Valley Fever infection or for the person you know that was infected?
The federal government
The endemic states' governments
The endemic states' health departments
The infected person
4)   Do you think that the state where you contracted Valley Fever should be held responsible for paying for:
Valley Fever medical bills
Valley Fever medication
Long term care (disability compensation)
Monetary compensation for your infection because the state chose not to warn about Valley Fever and its
      possible consequences.
5)   Who do you think should be responsible for funding research for a Valley Fever vaccine and cure?
The federal government
The endemic states' governments
Private industry

Please select either yes or no to answer the following questions.

6)   Do you think the general public understands how disabling Valley Fever can be?
Yes    No
7)   Do you think people should be warned about the dangers of Valley Fever before they enter an endemic state?
Yes    No
8)   Do you think physicians should be required to have specialized training to diagnose and treat Valley Fever?
Yes    No

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