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It is only when I had your book in hand that I finally felt strong enough to fight this nightmare. Thank you both.

Marie Westrope

Marie Westrope

More Informative Than Any Doctor Ever Was – Helped Me Live MY Life Again

It just happens that my mom came across this book as a regular Amazon customer as I was struggling to recover from the worst surgery I have ever had. I had experience with quite a few orthopedic surgeries, and they were painful, but nothing close to what VF did to my lungs (cavity, hemoptysis “blood cough”, fungal and bacterial pneumonia!)… So part of my lung was removed and I didn’t know a thing about fungal pneumonia or VF until the lab results came back on my actual piece of lung that was removed. I hadn’t been to Arizona since 2013, and when I even lived there in 2007 – I had not heard much about “Valley Fever”… turns out, not many of my doctors in Illinois were too familiar either. Even my infectious disease department at NORTHWESTERN Medicine had to get up to date with the facts.

That being said, my surgeon, ID doc, and nurses at the hospital saved my life. They got rid of the problem. But the people who are RESPONSIBLE for INFORMING me about the battle I was about to have for the next year (surgery was 12/28/15) were David and Sharon Filip. Coincidentally, a mother and son, who put their research out there for people like me who needed more than an anti-fungal prescription and a partial lung resection to live their normal life!

I did some great things physically I would have never imagined, and I also was prepared for the highs and the lows – because of this book. Because of this writing, I was prepared with not only a diet but effective research on how to boost the immune system better to fight off fungal diseases! And why these diseases are misdiagnosed and have no cure. It’s all here.

Most importantly, I still live by this book’s guidelines today, a year and two days out of surgery. It’s been such a rough road, but without the book and Facebook group created by these two fine people, I would not have had any of the aforementioned “highs” and I would still be clueless about the long term solution.

If you live by this book and are your own advocate with your doctors, you will not suffer nearly as much from this incurable disease. You may even find some peace and strength in the meantime, much like I did – because of THIS BOOK.

Daniel R. TrecciaB.S., C.S.C.S., author and MiLB athlete

Sharon and her son Dave are an amazing source of information that you can rely on. I love this book [Valley Fever Epidemic] and re-read it quite often. Thank you so much for writing it. It continually amazes me how much more I know than a lot of the doctors because of it. I was with my husband recently at his ID [infectious disease doctor] appointment and was speaking with one of the nurses about VF. My husband’s appointment was not about VF, but a different issue. This particular male nurse was blown away by the information I was sharing with him and told me that I probably knew more than most of the doctors he works with. He was very interested and I gave him your contact info so he could purchase a copy for himself.

I am beyond grateful for you Sharon and Dave for all the hard work you do for all of us, and so happy to share information you have given us. You two have helped me so much with your wealth of information, and our family here [at the VFSSG] is amazing. This is a wonderful place with awesome information. You two are such a blessing for all of us.

Vicki Pilant

I just received my copy of Valley Fever Epidemic and I can’t put it down. I would strongly suggest anyone who is suffering from or have family members or loved ones suffering from VF to get a copy and educate themselves. Thank you David Filip, Sharon Filip for taking the time to create such an amazing book with so much knowledge. If every doctor would take the time and read this, misdiagnosis of this disease would drastically change. Catching this disease has changed me as a human being. I used to be a warrior, a professional fighter for 13 years. Now the sight of dust gives me a panic attack. I fear for my kids, my 90 year old father and everyone I care about. It’s not something you can avoid, VF picks you.

Amir RahnavardiMMA fighter and documentary filmmaker

If you have fallen victim to this deadly disease PLEASE…you must own this book. Since VF isn’t acknowledged by the medical community & friends & family find many ways to “downplay” this disease…this book can be a life saver. Having had VF for 13 yrs…4 reactivations & other health issues coming out I have seen MANY MANY Drs who blew me off & actually laughed at me…one telling me to seek therapy. My PCP Dr. Told me he would totally take my case over. He admitted he knew something of VF however…well I gave him this book. He’s read it…then researched what he has read. Between both of us working on this together going the same direction I have a major medical support system. I count myself blessed this book is out there & that I have a Dr. Who cared enough to educate himself on this disease. As of now we know there is no cure…however thru his care & diligence from what he has read he’s made me comfortable & made me realize I am not losing my mind!!! He has even started educating his staff. Anyone with VF…be your own advocate…and if you aren’t comfortable with any Dr. Move on. Find if you can a Dr willing to learn & be humble enough to say I don’t know. Its a lifetime journey…educate yourself & if at all possible hopefully find a Dr that is willing to learn & not push you aside…

Candace Onderlinde5-Star Amazon Book Reviewer

Valley Fever Bible for life

I’m a recent Valley Fever patient and I ordered this book to give me an inside look of what to expect.
This is the BEST book ever!
I highly recommend this to physicians, patients, friends, family

Priscilla N.5-star Amazon Reviewer

July 15, 2018
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It was such a scary moment to hear the results of a simple blood test to be told you are POSITIVE for VALLEY FEVER! That was where I was at in 2011 when I learned that my “flu-like symptoms” was actually a fungus that had entered my lung while just breathing. For me, I was in Albuquerque, New Mexico when I was overcome with this potentially fatal disease. As an RV traveler I first sought medical assistance in Surprise, Arizona and later learned that I was misdiagnosed with “bronchitis” and was given Prednisone which actually made my condition worse. Three weeks later I saw my California personal care physician who immediately recognized my symptoms and ordered a chest x-ray, MRI, and put together a knowledgeable team to care for my active case of COCCIDIODOMYCOSIS (aka Valley Fever)!!!

It only took minutes to start my personal research on this horrible disease and I was scared to death. Trying to read all the medical research was overwhelming until I discovered the VALLEY FEVER SURVIVOR website and, ultimately, the associated Facebook group.

THE UNANIMOUS RECOMMENDATION WAS TO GET THIS BOOK: “VALLEY FEVER EPIDEMIC”! Written by Sharon Filip and her son David Filip it is everything I needed to know to become my own health advocate while understanding what was ahead for me. The content is written to be understood by laymen while it is organized in such a wonderful format that patients, family members and even health providers can learn all about the history and jargon associated with this disease, testing and diagnosis, and drug and treatment options. It is so comprehensive I even loaned my copy to my Infectious Disease doctor who commented positively about the entire book.

I constantly recommend VALLEY FEVER EPIDEMIC when I make presentations about Valley Fever to my friends and RVers who travel through the endemic areas of the Southwest. It only takes breathing in one fungal spore that can change your life. This book can be your guide on what to expect and what to know as a victim.

CoolJudy5-Star Amazon Reviewer and Recreational Vehicle Enthusiast

I bought and just received and read VALLEY FEVER EPIDEMIC. Very enlightening! Tells it like it is! Very helpful! Very comprehensive. I see it as a “must have-must read” for those who have VF and also for their friends and family. I also bought a copy for my Stanford ID Doctor. Thanks.

[VFE is] ABSOLUTELY the best written authority on VF.  Everybody who wants to know about VF, should buy or read this book.

David Silverman

David Silverman