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valleyfeversurvivor (vfs) Support Group Charter and Application Form

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Submitting your application is a 3 step process.

  • Step 1: Read the VFS Support Group Charter
  • Step 2: Fill in the required information
  • Step 3: Click the submit button
Please follow the 3 steps process below.

Step 1: Read the VFS Support Group Charter

Valley Fever Survivor Support Group Charter


The rules and regulations set in this charter guide the development and functioning of Valley Fever Survivor Support Group Chapters for people infected with Valley Fever (coccidioidomycosis).

The support group and network are run for and by people infected with Valley Fever, their families, assistants, friends, and also by pet owners of animals infected with Valley Fever.


  • Share and promote Valley Fever Survivor LLC's current information and resources for public awareness of this disease.
  • Share personal Valley Fever case stories with chapter members.
  • Support and comfort those affected with Valley Fever.
  • Support people and owners of animals with Valley Fever in obtaining the best possible medical care.
  • Support awareness and funding for the Valley Fever cure and vaccine research.
  • Support groups will meet at a time and place scheduled by a VFS Support Group Chapter Director.
  • VFS Support Group Chapter Directors will be chosen and/or approved directly by Valley Fever Survivor LLC.  Directors are also considered members and are bound by the rules that apply to all members.  Directors will handle all organizational tasks for their respective chapter on a volunteer basis and will not receive payment.
  • Chapter members will not be charged for attendance or membership unless paying for a speaker, meeting space, special event, etc.
  • VFS Support Group Chapters must promote a constructive tone to offer caring, personal support.
  • Fresh ideas on fundraising and how to increase disease awareness are important. Disagreement about ideas should not become or be taken as rejection of a person.
  • Removal of a Valley Fever Survivor chapter member will be up to the sole discretion of the director of each support group after consulting with Valley Fever Survivor LLC first.
  • While members of the chapter are free to pursue their own interests on their own time, the chapter itself will not have specific ties to particular political parties or religious or social groups except insofar as they assist Valley Fever Survivor LLC, assist in promoting public understanding of the importance and severity of Valley Fever, and assist in funding projects that promote better patient care, treatments, vaccines for and/or cures for Valley Fever.
  • The only products or services that the chapter can specifically promote are those created by Valley Fever Survivor LLC or those granted written approval for promotion by Valley Fever Survivor LLC.
  • While we welcome as much help as possible for all afflicted with Valley Fever, no one has an explicit right to membership in any chapter.
  • Anyone who behaves in a disruptive manner or breaks any of the rules set forth in this document or the Terms of Use Agreement of may be banned from VFS Support Group participation without recourse.
  • No member of a Valley Fever Survivor Support Group Chapter will be allowed to disseminate VF information from any other VF web site or information source due to the frequently outdated, incomplete, and sometimes blatantly wrong information from other web sites and sources. Express written permission by a member of Valley Fever Survivor LLC would be the only way other information sources could be disseminated by a VFS Support Group Chapter director or member.  To do so without express written permission would result in an automatic expulsion from that VFS Support Group Chapter.
  • Any Valley Fever information that any member or director desires to submit to the press or the public would automatically be considered to represent Valley Fever Survivor and would therefore have to be submitted for approval and approved in writing by Valley Fever Survivor before distribution. In addition, in any Valley Fever related communication you are acting as a representative of Valley Fever Survivor even if you do not mention our name, and therefore you are required to abide by the same rules and regulations of this charter at all times.
  • As a VFS Support Group member or director you are not permitted at VFS Support Group meetings to discuss or promote any other religious, political, or controversial issues, groups, or organizations. Only Valley Fever related matters are to be discussed at a VFS Support Group meeting and when talking to the press and publicizing the subject of Valley Fever. When these subjects overlap (for example, politicians or organizations that have a direct impact on issues related to Valley Fever), you are required to contact VFS to ensure we approve of the way the subject is handled before speaking or writing about it publicly. The support group meetings need to stay focused on the subject of Valley Fever and members are not to interject their views on other subjects, nor are they allowed to use their role in the VFS Support Group to proselytize or recruit for religious, charitable, political or any other causes other than those promoted by Valley Fever Survivor. When talking to the press about Valley Fever, mentioning or referring to other unrelated issues (of importance to you but not Valley Fever Survivor), would harm the Valley Fever cause and Valley Fever Survivor and therefore is not permitted. To violate this rule could mean permanent loss of membership.
  • Any member or director committing unlawful acts would reflect badly on Valley Fever Survivor so this may lead to permanent loss of membership.
  • All members are bound by and agree to the Terms of Use Agreement. Among other topics, this agreement covers any communication with or material submitted to VFS Support Group Chapters as communications made possible by this web site.
  • Chapters will not establish internet chat rooms or separate message boards for their Valley Fever discussions. This will benefit the entire VF community by centralizing and sharing communications on the VFS Message Board.
  • Chapter directorship or membership does not constitute a professional or medical relationship, and is in no way a substitute for medical assessment or advice.  Consult with qualified medical professionals before making any changes in your treatment plan.  Valley Fever Survivor LLC will not be held liable for any advice from any person that is part of a VFS Support Group Chapter.
  • Valley Fever Survivor LLC is not responsible and can not be held liable for the actions taken in violation of this charter by any chapter member, chapter director, former chapter member or former director of a VFS Support Group Chapter.
  • If a former VFS Support Group Chapter member or director tries to continue passing themselves off as a current member or director, legal action may be taken against that individual to protect the integrity and rights of Valley Fever Survivor LLC.  A removed or former member or director loses all rights and privileges previously afforded a current member or director.
  • Directors will provide Valley Fever Survivor LLC with any and all changes to membership contact information.
  • As a chapter director, you agree to abide by the charter for Valley Fever Survivor LLC Support Groups.
  • Directors will share all names, addresses, e-mails, phone numbers, etc. with VFS on a regular basis. Updates will be given to VFS periodically and after VFS Support Group meetings.
  • Directors are responsible for making sure all attendees fill out a membership form online.
  • At times, website readers email their questions about Valley Fever to chapter directors instead of VFS. If you receive an email of that nature you are welcome to respond. If you are unsure how to answer the question that is asked, forward the message to instead.
  • If you decide no longer to head the support group you must immediately notify Valley Fever Survivor via email at
  • If you have been relieved of your position due to violations of this charter, a notification in writing from Valley Fever Survivor LLC or email from will be sent and your association with VFS will be considered ended immediately.
  • If a chapter director decides to leave their position, a written notification must be given to Valley Fever Survivor LLC. This can be done via an e-mail to
  • If a VFSSG director resigns or is dismissed, that director forfeits any right to organize and/or lead the members and attendees of any VFS Support Group, including the one he or she formerly directed. A request must be made in writing from the former director for consideration by VFS to lift this restriction. Whether this restriction is lifted for that director will then be considered and decided on a case-by-case basis. Unless written permission is granted by VFS this restriction remains. Any attempt to go against this contract would be a contract violation and VFS would consider legal action. This is a binding legal contract that you agree to when you become a director of a VFS Support Group.
  • Valley Fever Survivor LLC reserves the right to alter and add any provisions at any time to this charter.  VFS will notify the directors with any changes to this charter and it will then become the duty of the directors of each support group to inform their membership of these changes.


  • After the application form is completely filled out and submitted, you will receive notification as to acceptance or rejection for becoming a member of the VFS Support Group.
  • Until you receive notification of acceptance, you are not considered a member or director.
  • In the event any provision of these terms, notices, and conditions are legally deemed for any reason void, unlawful, or unenforceable, then that particular provision shall be deemed severable from all other provisions. Any provision severed will not affect the enforceability or validity of any remaining provisions.
  • Acceptance of members under 18 years old will depend upon VFS and the decision of individual chapter directors.

Step 2: Fill in the required information
These are required fields of information. If they are not filled out, your application will be rejected.

I am applying for the position of:   (please select one)

"I have read, understand, and will abide by the provisions of the Valley Fever Survivor Support Group Charter. I accept my responsibility as a Chapter Director or member and agree that typing in my name here is the same as my signature and shall be considered legally binding in a court of law."

Full Name and Signature Date:

First Name


Last Name

Today's Date (Date of signature)

Email, Phone, Age, Sex:
Phone Number



Address if within USA:

Street Address


State (if within USA)


Address if outside USA:
Street Address, Province/State, Country (if outside USA)

Reason for joining the VFS Support Group:    (Please check all that apply)
   I have Valley Fever
   I am assisting someone with Valley Fever in a non-medical capacity.
   My family member/friend has Valley Fever
   My pet has Valley Fever
   I have lost a person to Valley Fever
   I have lost a pet to Valley Fever
   I am a medical/health care professional with interest in Valley Fever

Step 3: Click the Submit Button

Thank you for your application.

I accept and agree to abide by the above VFS Charter Terms:

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