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Valley Fever Epidemic Title: Valley Fever Epidemic
Author(s): David Filip and Sharon Filip
Paperback ISBN: 9780979869259
e-Book ISBN: 9780979869204

About Valley Fever Epidemic

Valley Fever Epidemic is the first and only comprehensive, complete, and up-to-date book written for the lay person on the subject of coccidioidomycosis, commonly known as Valley Fever.

It is easy to read and understand and features detailed in-depth information on the disease's symptoms, diagnosis, testing, drugs and treatment, risk factors, and more. This book also includes maps and statistics, frequently asked questions, what you need to know before you see a doctor, how to help boost your immune system, and stories that people with Valley Fever sent to the authors at The chapter on how Valley Fever affects animals contains stories from pet owners as well.

In addition, this book has a medical glossary of over 465 words with definitions that translate all the technical medical jargon into plain English. Although this book has been written for the lay person, even medical professionals will find it enlightening. It is backed by hundreds of medical journal citations and has been reviewed by several eminent Valley Fever doctors and other professionals.

If you have ever lived in, visited or passed through Arizona, California, Nevada, Texas, New Mexico, Utah, Mexico or other risk areas, the detailed information provided in this book is especially important for you to know. If you are a resident or are considering moving to any of the states where this fungus lives and thrives, it is vital that you learn what to do if you contract Valley Fever. The knowledge you gain from Valley Fever Epidemic may save you or a loved one from unnecessary suffering.

About the Authors

Sharon Filip

As a Valley Fever Survivor, Sharon has dedicated her life to helping others that have contracted Valley Fever and warning others who have not. She and her son, David, created in 2002. It has become an advocacy organization to provide support for patients and to obtain funding for vaccine and cure projects.

Their web site has been visited by over 120 countries and territories around the world. Sharon receives e-mails from coast to coast and internationally from people and families affected by this disease. She has helped thousands of readers through e-mail and phone contact, and sometimes uses her years of experience as a professional hypnotherapist to help those who suffer from depression because of their Valley Fever. Sharon has been a motivational speaker, lecturer, and educator for decades and applies these skills in her fight against Valley Fever.

David Filip

After his mother’s Valley Fever infection in 2001, David Filip dedicated his life to in-depth research of medical journals and every important conference on this subject. He has also been in telephone and e-mail contact with leading researchers and thousands of Valley Fever Survivors. At times he was even contacted by patients with whom he was already familiar because he read about their unique cases in medical journals' anonymous case reports.

David Filip is the author of Valley Fever Epidemic, a book endorsed by leading Valley Fever medical doctors and vaccine research professionals. For his research and technical expertise, he has been interviewed on television and radio broadcasts. Producers and reporters from Voice of America, BBC, the New York Times, PBS, Animal Planet, and other media outlets across the country rely on his knowledge and connections for their articles and programs on Valley Fever.

As a co-founder of Valley Fever Survivor he has organized petitions, fundraising programs, awareness campaigns, and the formation of support groups. His extensive research makes the only comprehensive and up-to-date web site available on this disease for the general public.

He also produces and creates educational videos on Valley Fever. His latest video series “Valley Fever Voices” details the struggles, losses, and triumphs of those afflicted with Valley Fever. By bringing the medical, military, historical, and personal facets of Valley Fever together, David Filip’s knowledge and expertise “connects the dots” to bring the complete scope of the Valley Fever epidemic to light.

David has a BA degree in communications from the University of Washington and is the author of several non-fiction books. He has been a technical writer, a black belt in Arnis, a musician with music and sound effects appearing in video games and multimedia displays, and a member of the New York Academy of Sciences.

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